Fireside chat notes

Edward Nevill edward.nevill at
Fri Oct 21 18:25:44 UTC 2016


The following are some notes from the fireside chat earlier today.

Two items were discussed

- The Oracle arm32/arm64 contribution

All present were generally in agreement with the outline proposed by Ed Nevill on the list (

It was proposed that Ed Nevill should submit a JEP to merge the arm32/arm64 contribution into JDK 9. An FC exemption will be requested to target JDK 9.

- The Huawei softfp contribution

There are currently two conflicting softfp implementations for JDK 8 on aarch32, one from Huawei, one from Azul (plus a third implementation for JDK 9 as part of the Oracle arm32/arm64 contribution).

It was proposed that we wait until the complete contributions targeting C1 are available before deciding what to do next.

I propose we have the next fireside chat on Thurs 3rd Nov at 15:00 UTC. Stuart, if you could set up the conference call.

All the best,

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