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Monica Beckwith Monica.Beckwith at microsoft.com
Thu Jun 25 14:46:50 UTC 2020

Hello all,

Here's my reasoning for this not to warrant a JEP:

	• We are extending the `AArch64 Port Project` [1] while keeping its essence: "It is hoped that this project will eventually be able to support operating systems other than GNU/Linux, and welcomes contributors with the necessary expertise." And we hope to be contributors to `aarch64-port.`
		• The OpenJDK team at Microsoft understands that this extension is building on the fantastic work of giants.
		• The new platform code by itself is confined to 15 (+4) files (1222 lines (+322)). To us, this is a small, clean enough footprint to not stir up the JEP process on size/complexity grounds.
		• All the other files are bridging/building support in existing files. We have tried to minimize our ripple, and you will probably notice that some shared files have a single line change to them. 
		• Nonetheless, they have to be reviewed, and we appreciate the time folks will be spending on this.
		• We sent the initial patches to `aarch64-port-dev` and `hotspot-runtime-dev.` And we were thankfully and rightfully guided to `build-dev.` We will continue to work with all to support changes to the all of the patches [2].	 
	• The OpenJDK team at Microsoft is fully invested in maintaining the patches in the long term. We are happy to work through any improvements to them, splitting them up further if needed, etc.
	• I also envision that our support and maintenance will spread beyond the windows+aarch64 combo into linux+aarch64 and windows+x86-64
		• As you can tell from the patches, we touch all those platforms, since our goal was/is not only to push out the new platform support but also to support/cleanup/coalesce all that we touch.

As mentioned in my initial email, our P2 patch will need some reworking with respect to R18 and we have been working together with AndrewH and AndrewD to deliver a fix. As you all know, AndrewH is also the lead for the `aarch64-port` project. 

Given the above, our preference is to continue working with the reviewers (as AndrewH has stated). I am positive that in the future, we will have many opportunities to collaborate via JEPs/projects.

[1] https://openjdk.java.net/projects/aarch64-port/ 
[2] The team is aware + invested in the amount of testing that is needed to support all the platforms with the CI pipeline. With the initial patches/webrevs, we have provided the info and our coverage on those. I am happy to expand that as needed.

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On 25/06/2020 08:39, Alan Bateman wrote:
> On 24/06/2020 23:34, David Holmes wrote:
>> Are you proposing a new project to introduce this new port into the 
>> OpenJDK some time in the future?
> I think it will need a JEP at least. I could imagine doing some 
> cleanup in advance, maybe also improvements to support cross building 
> on Windows, to eliminate some of the noise from the patch.

If someone want to do the JEP bureaucracy that's fine by me, but in the meantime we'll try to get the AArch64 parts in shape so that the Windows import is simpler. In particular, we can get all of the register and integer type changes done.

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