JDK 9 ea b21 test results now available

Rory O'Donnell Oracle, Dublin Ireland rory.odonnell at oracle.com
Fri Jul 4 09:08:05 UTC 2014

JDK 9 ea b21 test results are now available at

The jdk test results contain 0 differences from the b20 test results.

The hotspot test results contain 3 differences. The failed test
cases are being investigated.

    0: /home/jtest/merge9/b20/hotspot/JTwork  pass: 563; fail: 29; error: 1; not run: 15
    1: /home/jtest/merge9/b21/hotspot/JTwork  pass: 562; fail: 30; error: 1; not run: 15

    0      1      Test
    pass   fail   compiler/tiered/TieredLevelsTest.java
    pass   fail   compiler/whitebox/EnqueueMethodForCompilationTest.java
    fail   pass   compiler/whitebox/MakeMethodNotCompilableTest.java

    3 differences

The langtools test results contain 0 differences.

The nashorn test result is available at


Rgds,Rory O'Donnell
Quality Engineering Manager
Oracle EMEA , Dublin, Ireland

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