Installing OpenJDK 8 via yum/Puppet?

Mario Torre neugens.limasoftware at
Fri Jul 4 14:29:19 UTC 2014

Hi Daniel,

As far as I know, OpenJDK 8 is only available via yum for the latest
Fedora at this moment, I don't think it has been build for Centos 6.x
(although it may be that somebody did an "unofficial" package).

I don't know if the fedora package will work out of the box, but you
can try it (it won't probably), but it should be relatively
straightforward to adapt the spec file at this point.


2014-07-04 12:10 GMT+02:00 Daniel Bryant <daniel.bryant at>:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to install OpenJDK 8 via yum (on CentOS 6.5, with Puppet), but
> the most recent version of Java available in the yum repo is 7. Has anyone
> got any suggestions of how I could install OpenJDK 8 easily via yum/Puppet,
> preferably without building it locally?
> Best wishes,
> Daniel

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