New JEP: Switch Expressions for the Java Language

Brian Goetz brian.goetz at
Mon Dec 11 20:03:54 UTC 2017

> I think this sort of falls out for free; expressions are generally 
> usable as statements, unless we can't determine their standalone type 
> (like lambdas).  However, I'm not sure this would be good practice.

I'm not sure either.  Ignoring the value of an expression is often a smell.

BTW I don't think people will do this just because they hate break; the 
alternative is worse (see message on similar topic on amber-dev.)

> To be more clear, I think what I'm asking is whether we would permit 
> cases to not produce a value, if the entire switch were not being used 
> as an expression. Doing this would kind of sort of make the original 
> switch statement relatively obsolete. That feels weird, but on the 
> other hand, maybe being able to consistently use new-style switches 
> more and more of the time would be a good thing?

I think we need more examples, either in favor or against....
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