New JEP: Switch Expressions for the Java Language

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>>    * Allowing `throw` as the RHS of a case makes sense, but let's carefully think
>>    through the ramifications of making it an expression in general. Do we really
>>    want to see code like this? void foo(Bar bar) { bar.isValid() || throw new
>>     IllegalArgumentException(); }

> OK, let's pull on that string. The next logical place for it is conditional
> expressions:

> String s = (x >= 0) ? Integer.toString(x) : throw new IAE();

> This seems pretty reasonable too, though the if-else version is not horribly
> broken either. What about conditionals in method invocation context:

> m(x > 0 ? Integer.toString(x) : throw new IAE())

> I know I've wanted to be able to do this at times, though again, I've worked
> around it and lived, and surely it could be abused.

> I'm OK cutting this one back.

I think we should only allow throw as an expression if the precedent symbol was '->', i.e. only allows throw as an expression in lambda body and in the body of an expression switch. 
It seems to cover what we want without making the code too un-java-y. 

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