break seen as a C archaism

John Rose john.r.rose at
Thu Mar 15 22:06:51 UTC 2018

On Mar 15, 2018, at 2:44 PM, Guy Steele <guy.steele at> wrote:
> 	break return x;
> Then everybody is happy:
> (1) Cannot be confused with the old `break` syntax.
> (2) Clearly exits a `switch` like `break` does.
> (3) Clearly returns a value like `return` does.
> (4) Better encourages exclusive use of `->` (because using `->` rather than `: break return` saves even more characters than using `->` rather than `: break`).
> (5) In the year 2364, this can be further generalized to allow `continue return x;`.
> (6) Those who want new language features to really jump out will surely be satisfied.

Not bad.  It also doesn't weaken "plain return" in the
way I was worried about.

I would have numbered that last point (-1), though.

— John
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