Class & interface terminology

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Fri May 8 00:05:14 UTC 2020

On May 7, 2020, at 4:11 PM, Dan Smith <daniel.smith at> wrote:
> I feel strongly that "class or interface" is better than "type", and that we need to stop using "type" in this context. I'm agnostic about what we say instead. But "class or interface" has the benefit that it's already used pretty extensively, which gives it a distinct advantage over most alternatives.

I agree!  As oddly over-precise as it sounds, that three-word phrase
“class or interface” is a marked improvement over the desperately
imprecise term “type”.

Thanks for pushing this through.  And, although I’d love to bikeshed
yet some other term (as you have hinted there may be an opportunity
to do, in the future), I think this is a very good place to consolidate our

— John
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