getPermittedSubclasses() on j.l.rClass returning an array of ClassDesc

Brian Goetz brian.goetz at
Sat May 9 15:52:44 UTC 2020

> Moreover, it's not a new problem, getNestMembers() has exactly the 
> same issue and nestmates have the same kind of lazy validation, the VM 
> doesn't check nestmate attributes untile an access orccurs.
> So piggybacking on what getNestMembers() do seems a good idea.

This is a "for consistency" argument.  Bu: ClassDesc did not exist at 
the time we did nestmates!  We were pretty unhappy about triggering 
loading on that one too, but we didn't see a good alternative at the time.

So "let's do the same thing as something we hated doing in a different 
situation, for consistency" is not the best of arguments :)

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