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Yep.  “Lesson Zero:  Java identifiers.  Lesson One:  Running a text 
editor.”  A little odd, but the purpose is learning Java.

On 20 Oct 2022, at 6:16, Jim Laskey wrote:

> The POC indeed does this now (error otherwise).
>> On Oct 20, 2022, at 10:12 AM, Guy Steele <guy.steele at> 
>> wrote:
>>> On Oct 19, 2022, at 4:16 PM, John Rose <john.r.rose at> 
>>> wrote: . . .
>>> If we introduce a new way of naming (implicit names) we will have to 
>>> roll out rules for mapping the name-precursor (a filename) to a 
>>> name. This will have its own headaches, since different OSs have 
>>> different alphabets and syntaxes, and none of those alphabets or 
>>> syntaxes are fully compatible with native Java class names. So 
>>> we’d have to saddle ourselves with a name mangling scheme to 
>>> launder a random filename into a source-denotable Java class name. 
>>> If ever there was a siren song, this is a loud one!
>> If we go down that path, this problem is easily addressed: simply 
>> reject the program if its file name is not trivially mappable (via 
>> the identity transformation) to a source-denotable Java class name. 
>> This rule may seem draconian to some, but it would serve the purpose 
>> of guiding the new programmer to use already customary file-naming 
>> conventions.
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