Draft Spec for Fourth Preview of Pattern Matching for Switch (JEP 433) and Second Preview of Record Patterns (JEP 432) now available

Brian Goetz brian.goetz at oracle.com
Mon Oct 24 01:17:39 UTC 2022

>     What exactly do you mean by this?
> If i modify a record by adding a new component, i want to compiler to 
> help me to find all the switches that are using that record so i can 
> re-evaulate if the new component play a role or not for each of those 
> codes.

What you're asking for is cool, but enormous, because it involves 
introducing a new dimension into the programming model -- time. 
Currently, we identify which modifications are binary- or source- 
compatible, and let people make their choices, but the ways in which a 
program has evolved over time is external to the programming model.

Adding a component (and doing nothing else) is technically neither a 
binary- nor source-compatible change.  (Existing constructor invocations 
will fail to link.)  Of course, you can add  a constructor overload for 
the old description -- and soon enough, you'll be able to add a 
deconstructor overload too.

> Then for each code, i can say, i do not care about that new component 
> by adding an any pattern or i care about it, add a binding and 
> change/fix the code using that binding.

The plan for dealing with this is the same as with the constructor: 
write a deconstructor for the old description.  Then all the existing 
match sites will continue to work, and you can use "find usages" to 
decide which ones you want to migrate.

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