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> So we're giving teachers more freedom than ever before to teach Java in
> the manner each of them chooses, and I don’t think we’re inflicting any
> harm in the process. I think that restricting the abilities of implicit
> classes further forces a particular teaching style — though some may
> consider it the only correct style — and would also be a less natural Java
> construct and a less enjoyable one for experienced programmers.

I agree with this. It's the teacher's job to gradually widen the student's
exposure in a logical and natural way. It's not the language's job to
provide a "one true path" for doing so. This change just provides more
flexibility for the teacher.

In my personal experience as a student, the ideal way for this process to
play out is this: OK so I've learned some subset S of the domain. After
working through some examples and problems within that domain, I come to my
own intuitive, vague realization that a new concept X is needed ("Hmm...
how am I supposed to ...?"). Then the teacher reveals the next incremental
level of exposure S' ⊃ S which guess what! just happens to contain X.

Likely candidates for X: static fields... non-local (labeled)
break/continue... threads... etc.


Archie L. Cobbs
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