STR behavior

Remi Forax forax at
Tue Jul 25 09:38:05 UTC 2023

Currently javac uses a trick to rewrite STR."" template to more or less the string concatenation equivalent, by passing the call to the bootstrap method of the string template runtime.

But this rewriting 
- has a side effect at runtime, the class StringTemplate is not loaded.
- exact behavior is slightly different from the string concatenation, constant strings are not pre-computed, so the exact behavior is not an existing behavior.
- only works with the unqualified STR (where STR is a static import implicit or explicit) but not with a qualified reference to StringTemplate.STR.

I think we need something in the spec saying that this is a valid source code transformation specific to STR, that it works in the qualified and unqualified case and that the transformations should be the same as with the string concatenation. 


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