Updated Draft Spec for Primitive types in patterns, instanceof, and switch (Preview)

Angelos Bimpoudis angelos.bimpoudis at oracle.com
Fri Dec 22 10:48:41 UTC 2023

Dear experts,

The draft of the spec covering JEP 455 (Primitive types in patterns, instanceof,
and switch (Preview)) is updated at:


Even though we have discussed the spec before on the list (and the semantics have
not changed), there are a few significant improvements in this updated draft:

- The spec draft is rebased on top of JLS 22 (inheriting an editorial
  change that introduces testing contexts (5.7),
  and incorporating all the changes for unnamed patterns and variables from JEP 456).
- It streamlines the definitions of exact conversions and
  unconditionally exact conversions.

Feel free to send an email on this list for any comments.

Many thanks,
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