OpenJDK Interim Governance Board status

Mark Reinhold mr at
Fri May 8 09:43:45 PDT 2009

Per the OpenJDK Charter [1], the Interim Governance Board [2] was
formally dissolved yesterday.

Our main priorities over the last two years have been to grow the
OpenJDK Community from the founding core of Sun's JDK engineers to
a more diverse set of developers, and to enable those developers to
participate directly in the JDK development process.

We've made good progress on those goals, particularly in this past
year.  Key developers from the major Linux distributions are working
ever more closely with Sun engineers on the open-source JDK 6 effort,
and the JDK 7 project is approaching its third milestone with several
major features from non-Sun contributors in the pipeline.

Creating a formal governance structure has, at least for those of us
at Sun, been less important than growing the Community.  Having laid
a firm foundation for that growth, however, it is now time to turn
back to the governance task.

I am therefore pleased to announce that Sun has agreed to extend the
term of the present Board for a further year, and that we expect to
fill the two empty seats within the next four weeks.

- Mark


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