CFV: New Project: OpenJFX

Iris Clark iris.clark at
Tue Nov 1 17:37:08 PDT 2011

I hereby propose the creation of the OpenJFX Project with Richard Bair as
the Lead and Swing as the sponsoring Group.

As discussed last week [1], the OpenJFX Project will be the home for the
current and future development of the JavaFX toolkit.  (The name has
changed from "JFX" to "OpenJFX" due to trademark concerns.)

Oracle's motivation for open-sourcing JavaFX is to build community and
ecosystem support and adoption of JavaFX by increasing transparency, and
also to get patches and early feedback.  The goal of OpenJFX is to build
the next-generation Java client toolkit.  We intend open development to
lead to a JSR in the Java SE 9 timeframe and ultimately for OpenJFX to be
included as a proper part of the JDK.

The OpenJFX codebase will be a significant contribution to the corpus of
open-source code.  It includes:

  - Over 6000+ public API members (methods/constructors/etc.)
  - Over 11,500 unit tests
  - Core libraries such as observable collections and binding
  - Scene graph, effects, graphics
  - CSS support for JavaFX
  - Media
  - WebView
  - Prism (hardware accelerated graphics, including openGL and D3D and
    java2D implementations)
  - Glass (windowing system, base porting layer, including mac, linux,
    and windows implementations)
  - UI Controls and Charts

The initial contribution from Oracle will come in stages over some number
of months, starting with the UI Controls code.  During the initial period
the OpenJFX source base will necessarily depend on Oracle's public
binaries of JavaFX.  Once all the initial code has been published then
OpenJFX will no longer depend on Oracle binaries and will be a fully
buildable open-source library.  By that point we expect Oracle's JavaFX
developers to have transitioned to working primarily on OpenJFX out in
the open.

The proposed Project Lead, Richard Bair, has been a public member of the
Java community since 2004, first as a contributor to the open-source JDNC
project then as the project lead for SwingLabs.  He was a member of the
Swing team and was one of the two engineers responsible for the Nimbus
look and feel.  He has been working on JavaFX from the beginning, serving
first as UI Controls lead, then as API lead, and finally as the project
architect.  During the entire time he has been a forceful and persistent
voice for the open-sourcing of the JavaFX platform.

The list of proposed committers is large, commensurate with the size of
the initial code contribution.  The following Oracle engineers have all
made significant contributions to the code base and are expected to make
ongoing contributions to the OpenJFX Project:

    Alexander Matveev
    Alexey Menkov
    Alexey Utkin
    Amy Fowler
    Anthony Petrov
    Anton Tarasov
    Artem Ananiev
    Brent Christian
    Brian Burkhalter
    Chien Yang
    David DeHaven
    David Grieve
    David Hill
    Dmitry Cherepanov
    Eva Krejcirova
    Gerard Ziemski
    Greg Brown
    Igor Karpov
    James Graham
    Jan Valenta
    Jasper Potts
    Jennifer Godinez
    Joe Andresen
    Jonathan Giles
    Kevin Rushforth
    Kinsley Wong
    Kirill Kirichenko
    Kirill Prazdnikov
    Leif Samuelsson
    Leonid Popov
    Lubomir Nerad
    Martin Sladecek
    Martin Soch
    Michael Heinrichs
    Mick Fleming
    Mong Hang Vo
    Morris Meyer
    Oleg Mazurov
    Oleg Sukhodolsky
    Paru Somashekar
    Pavel Porvatov
    Pavel Safrata
    Per Bothner
    Peter Zhelezniakov
    Phillip Race
    Radko Najman
    Ragini Prasad
    Richard Bair
    Sergey Malenkov
    Steve Northover
    Thor Johannesson
    Tomas Brandalik
    Vasiliy Baranov
    Yao Wang

Reviewers will be nominated by the Lead once formal review procedures are
in place for the project.

Votes are due by 8:00am UTC on Wednesday, 16 November [2].

Only current OpenJDK Members [3] are eligible to vote on this motion.

For Lazy Consensus voting instructions, see [4].

Iris Clark


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