Maven plugin

Thiago Henrique Hupner thihup at
Mon Nov 15 14:01:16 UTC 2021


I'd like some instructions on how to proceed to use
the Asmtools in a Maven project.

My use case would be to have some *.jasm in the source tree, basically to
use the
Condy (more specifically, the MethodHandles::classData).

One approach would be to add the ASM dependency and create it at runtime,
however, adding the ASM to my library would be too much, as it would
cause some deployment conflicts.

Currently, in Maven central, there is the Asmtools standalone version.
However, we can't just add a dependency and start creating .jasm files
and magically have them included in the jar.

I have a prototype of a Maven plugin that invokes the standalone
version and it kind of works. However, I probably won't be able
to deploy to Maven central as I guess the name "Asmtools"
is copyrighted.

So I was wondering, what would be a good approach for this?
Creating an official Maven plugin probably would be better, but I don't
know if anyone has a better idea.

My idea would be to have something a supported version of the old
but using Asmtools:

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