[Audio-engine-dev] Unencumbered part of JavaSound implementation has been opened

Alex Menkov Alexey.Menkov at Sun.COM
Fri Sep 14 04:31:26 PDT 2007

Hi all,

Sorry for several weeks delay with the event, but...
I'm glad to inform you that big part of JavaSound implementation source has been
opened and is available at the openjdk website
(http://download.java.net/openjdk/jdk7) and at the subversion repository

Open part includes the following:
- "direct audio" mixer implementation (DirectSound/ALSA/Solaris Audio Mixer);
- Ports mixer implementation (WinMM/ALSA/Solaris Audio Mixer);
- Midi i/o devices implementation (WinMM/ALSA);
- various file readers/writes, format converters.

Closed code has been moved into separate library (jsoundhs).

Base classes and interfaces for both open and closed implementation classes
(AbstractLine, AbstractMixer, AbstractMidiDevice, AutoClosingClip, etc.) are open.
There are still a few dependencies from "closed" classes in open code, all such
dependencies will be removed when we'll have replacement for closed part and
start replacement process.
To make JavaSound completely open (and drop closed part) we need alternative
implementations for:
1) Software synthesizer. There is separate openjdk project for the task - 
2) OSS mixer (for linux/solaris, both sampled and midi).


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