minor changes required to have the port on OSX

wx lin wxlin2k at yahoo.ca
Thu Oct 21 22:16:47 PDT 2010

Hi All,
I might have spotted a minor bug in the 
/bsd-port/hotspot/make/bs/makefiles/defs.make of the current version of 

Since the file is using ARCH:=$(shell uname -m) to obtain the system 
architecture of OSX.
uname -m came back as x86_64 on mac

However, the options below only response to amd64 but not x86_64. This will lead 
to failure of the 64bit build on OSX.
# amd64
ifeq ($(ARCH), amd64)  -> should be x86_64 for mac, which means we might need a 
separate entry for Darwin systems.
  ifeq ($(ARCH_DATA_MODEL), 64)
    MAKE_ARGS       += LP64=1
    PLATFORM        = bsd-amd64
    VM_PLATFORM     = bsd_amd64
    HS_ARCH         = x86
    PLATFORM        = bsd-i586
    VM_PLATFORM     = bsd_i486
    HS_ARCH         = x86
    # We have to reset ARCH to i386 since SRCARCH relies on it
    ARCH            = i386   

Will some one on the openJDK7 bsd-port fixes this for us? I have made the 
changes locally for my build. Works fine.
Just want to let you guys know.


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