README-builds.html feedback

Dan Smith daniel.smith at
Mon Aug 5 23:18:09 UTC 2013

I'm building for the first time under the new infrastructure (late to the party, I know).  I appreciate the comprehensive readme page.  Here's a list of minor points of feedback:

"The set of repositories and what they contain": need to add nashorn

"warn — Default and very quiet": I presume this is still an in-progress goal?  I'm seeing almost 3000 lines of text in a fresh build (including over 1000 from 'images')


Some copy editing:

"each repository is it's own independent repository": it's -> its

"Insure that GNU make": insure -> ensure

"rather thane excludes": thane -> than

"Other depends on pieces of code": other depends -> others depend

"for all classes that contains constants": contains -> contain

"we have missed to add support": missed -> neglected



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