RFR: 8022734: [macosx] Rebuilding jdk 7u on mac almost always fails

David DeHaven david.dehaven at oracle.com
Fri Aug 9 20:14:14 UTC 2013

This issue has been annoying me for some time, I finally got frustrated enough to fix it.

Running make when a build has already completed will fail when it tries to symlink libjli.dylib, then (if that's fixed by using "ln -sf") when it tries to copy the sdk image to j2sdk-server-bundle. This issue has been around a while, likely just an oversight in rev 5842 which added the j2sdk-server-bundle target.

The fix is simple, blow away the existing j2sdk-server-bundle directory as it already does with the other two bundles.

Just filed so bugs.sun.com entry is not yet available, but when it is:


Crusty old build system patch, does not affect 8. Tested against 7u40 and 7u-dev, submitting JPRT build-only run to test this and a couple other build system patches. If I don't respond with results we can assume it's fine.

Will need a Committer to push to 7u-dev for me, I think it's probably too late for 7u40.


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