RFR: 8015068 : (m) Use jtreg -exclude for problemlist.txt processing

Mike Duigou mike.duigou at oracle.com
Tue Aug 27 23:17:25 UTC 2013

Hello all;

I have updated the changeset for this issue based upon feedback from the earlier version. As a result of intervening work this version contains even more cleanup.


Since the last revision:

- One open issue remains--handling of shared_library_permissions. The proposed patch uses a pattern rule, "jdk_%", rather than explicit make targets. This means the knowledge of which targets required shared_library_permissions has been lost. The shared_library_permissions target could be run unconditionally as part of prep but I am uncertain if this is reasonable. Alternatives?

- The previously proposed behaviour of writing testoutput to the current directory if not ALT_OUTPUTDIR is provided has been changed in response to feedback. Output will now be written to jdk/testoutput and this directory has been added to the .hgignore. Since most people are expected to use only the root repo make which sets ALT_OUTPUTDIR it is not expected that this change will make any difference for most users.

As before, testing of this patch requires using a source build of JTReg as it requires one fix that is not in the promoted builds. This changeset will not be integrated until after the next JTReg promotion.


On Aug 7 2013, at 14:44 , Mike Duigou wrote:

> Hello all;
> This changesest simplifies how the the jdk/test/Makefile processes excluded tests. Previously the test exclusions were pre-processed by scripts in the Makefile before being passed to JTReg. JTReg will now the all the processing. The change depends upon improvements in JTReg since the test exclude mechanism was originally defined.
> There are some changes in the reporting. Most obvious is that the excludelist.txt output file is no longer produced. The 'excluded' count in the summary report may be removed in a future reporting depending on whether the value can be calculated some other way.
> Additional to the exclusion list processing changes some other changes are possible as a result of the changes to exclusion processing. In particular the obsolete (and incorrect) logic for determining the build path included in the test/Makefile is now removed. If no output directory is provided via ALT_OUTPUTDIR then a default location in the current directory is used, "testoutput". At some point in the future this could be improved to get the CONF from the build configuration but that is not currently possible.
> Testing of this patch requires using a source build of JTReg as it requires one fix that is not in the promoted builds. 
> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~mduigou/JDK-8015068/0/webrev/
> Mike

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