Ivan Krylov ivan at
Wed Aug 28 13:16:13 UTC 2013


I looked today at the readme doc for JDK 8 and came up with a couple of comments
1) The doc does not mention nashhorn that is being pulled along with the other repos, perhaps it is worth mentioning in the doc.
2) I was under impression that for both JDK7 and JDK8 SP1 of MS Visual Studio is required but I do not see it mentioned anywhere. Is SP1 actually needed?
3) Does JDK8 still need Direct X SDK dated 2004? By the time JDK8 is finalized Direct X 9 will be 10 years old. DirectX SDK 9.0 may not be found anywhere on Microsoft's site and it is a challenge of its own to find this SDK.
Any ideas about when this SDK may be substituted with something newer?



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