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Sat Dec 14 01:40:05 PST 2013


>   Looks like this has just been fixed in jtharness 4.5. Woohoo!
>> That's the good news. The bad news is that that Oracle will
>> not piublish binaries for jtharness 4.5 or later. So I guess we'd
>> better start checking out the build instructions for jtharness
>> as well.
>  Do releases of these projects get tagged in the mercurial repo?
>  Looking at the jtreg repo [0] I can see a series of build numbered
> releases and only starting at 4.1 but no history of released code.  Is this
> due to jtreg being historically somewhere else?
> Hi Richard,
> Yes.  jtreg was not Open Source before jtreg 4.1: the code for these early
> releases is not publicly available.
> The first few OS releases were via source bundles, so I initialized the
> Mercurial repo with the contents of these bundles.  The intervening
> changesets in the closed version of the repos are not publicly available.
> Now, all dev work on jtreg uses the OpenJDK code-tools/jtreg Mercurial
> repo.   There are occasional tags which represent occasional checkpoints.
> Unfortunately, we cannot publish binary builds corresponding to these
> versions, but they do correspond to the versions used within Oracle.
> Generally, internally, we use the latest tagged build (i.e. jtreg4.1-bNN)
> with a few brave folk being prepared to use the tip.
> And, FWIW, the need to stay on the 4.1 bNN numbering system has gone away
> so I expect that going forward, we will revert to a more conventional
> numbering system.
> I am aware that I have not written up some of the newer features (like
> test groups.)  We are also working on a major update to the tag spec, but
> without some form of time dilation effect, there are not enough hours in
> the day for the people involved.

Thanks for clarifying this - it all makes a lot more sense now.


  Richard Warburton
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