CodeTool proposal: Webrev

Magnus Ihse Bursie magnus.ihse.bursie at
Mon Nov 11 12:26:07 PST 2013

Name: WebRev

Summary: A tool for generating a bunch of static html pages, widely 
accepted as the default way of performing code reviews in the OpenJDK 

Proposed by: Magnus Ihse Bursie


The WebRev tool has existed a long time. It is the de-facto way of 
requesting code reviews in the OpenJDK project.

However, the tool has been versioned alongside the code itself, in 
make/scripts/webrev.ksh. This means that there are different versions of 
the script around in different forests. Any new fixes or features must 
be propagated to all forests, or the functionality will not be available 
everywhere. This is unlikely to happen.

Because of this, people tend to keep their own private copies, and 
update them manually. Also, these private copies do in some cases 
include patches or additions that might be beneficial to all users of 

Moving the tool to a separate repository would solve all these problems.

There is a bug on JBS tracking the removal of WebRev from the JDK repos, 
see For this to be 
able to happen, a new home must first be found for the WebRev script.


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