Proposal: Javac Abstract Syntax Tree Viewer

Jan Lahoda jan.lahoda at
Mon Apr 28 18:07:28 UTC 2014


I would like to propose a tool for inclusion to the Code Tools project:

Tool Name: Javac Abstract Syntax Tree Viewer

Summary: Graphical viewer for inspection of AST, and other data, 
produced by the standard Java compiler, javac.

Proposed By: Jan Lahoda

The way javac models source code is not always easy to grasp, despite 
all attempts to make it as convenient as possible. Being able to 
actually see and inspect the AST and related information using a 
convenient UI is therefore very useful.

Hereby, a GUI tool to visualize javac ASTs and related information is 
proposed for the Code Tools project. The primary target audience of the 
tool are clients using the javac source code modeling APIs. Secondary 
target audience are javac developers themselves. The tool should 
therefore also support inspection of javac internal aspects of the model.


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