Suggestion: re-structure the wiki instructions to install and configure jtreg

Julius Gamanyi at
Mon May 26 16:18:13 UTC 2014


The suggestion I have in mind is to change the structure of the
instructions to install and configure jtreg; the instruction in this useful
guide "Adopt OpenJDK Intermediate & Advance experience," (
and the InstallJtreg wiki page (

I was getting somewhat lost, other times needing to work out why some
dependencies are installed via apt-get whereas others are downloaded and
installed in the /opt directory.

That way, after someone follows the steps, they would be able to:
  * know the relationship between the guide, the installJtreg wiki page (, the
top-level-steps-of-jtreg (, the
top-level-steps-of-building-jtreg (,
and the Eclipse Project for JTReg wiki page (;

  * know the trade-offs between using a pre-built artifact and building
from the latest Mercurial repositories;

  * have a consistent way of installing dependencies, and working out where
to find the dependencies that have been installed - E.g., you need the path
to set some variables in jtreg/make/; you also need to
ensure that the ant version that Eclipse is using is the same one used when
running on CLI;

  * some steps in the wiki page for setting up Eclipse are needed whether
or not you're going to be using Eclipse; they also match the
top-level-steps-of-building-jtreg (
but do not explicitly refer to that site.

Perhaps I can help with this.


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