CodeTools proposal: "BTrace"

Sundararajan Athijegannathan sundararajan.athijegannathan at
Thu May 5 02:16:07 UTC 2016

Name: BTrace

Summary: A byte code instrumentation based dynamic tracing tool for the
Java platform.

Proposed by: Sundararajan Athijegannathan

Rationale: BTrace is already an Open Source project located @

This is not a proposal for a new project, it is a proposal for a
transfer of the BTrace ( project into the OpenJDK CodeTools
community, and moderation under OpenJDK bylaws.

BTrace is a safe, dynamic tracing tool for the Java platform. BTrace can
be used to dynamically trace a running
Java program (similar to DTrace for OpenSolaris applications and OS).
BTrace dynamically instruments the classes
of the target application to inject tracing code ("bytecode tracing").
Tracing code is expressed in Java programming language. BTrace is
developed under GPLv2+CP.

I started the BTrace ( project by June 2009. Jarsolav Bachorik
[CC'ed] has contributed significantly to BTrace.
He has been maintaining & improving btrace. We expect to continue this
charter through the inclusion of BTrace as a OpenJDK/codetools sub-project.


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