Better jcov integration

Alexey Fedorchenko alexey.fedorchenko at
Sat Mar 3 01:49:56 UTC 2018

Hello, Eric!

  I will look at the patch more carefully next week, a few things that come to my mind for now:
- You have added CoberturaReportGeneratorSPI, but never used it. It looks like after changes in the DefaultReportGeneratorSPI you do not need this additional class.
- There is an assumption in the CoberturaReportGenerator that options.getSrcRootPaths() is not null, but if the user generates report by the command like:
java -jar jcov.jar repgen -format cobertura -o cobertura.xml  //without specifying the “src” value // the user will get NullPointerException.
(without sources only “filename” attributes are changed from the full path to the names, the rest cobertura-style report looks the same).

Could you, please, subscribe to the watchers list for CODETOOLS-7902125 <> to continue this discussion there.

Thank you.


> On Mar 1, 2018, at 5:43 AM, Eric McCorkle <eric at> wrote:
> I did manage to figure out why Jenkins wasn't highlighting the code.  It
> seems that the "lines" fields in method entries need to also be
> duplicated in the "class" entries.
> The attached diff contains the changes.
> On 02/28/2018 20:49, Eric McCorkle wrote:
>> I should mention that I noticed that Jenkins at least doesn't seem to
>> highlight the source in the coverage reports generated by the current
>> patch.
>> I'm going to look into it a bit more.
>> On 02/28/2018 15:20, Alexey Fedorchenko wrote:
>>> Hello, Eric!
>>> Thank you for the report. I have added an issue for your request [1].
>>> We will address it, I also think that having more report formats is a
>>> good suggestion.
>>> A few thoughts about the original problem of adding JCov to CI (Jenkins):
>>> - use html publisher plugin to show JCov html report
>>> - plot build data with plot plugin to look at the coverage trend for builds 
>>> ( it will require using grep and sed to get data from
>>> overview-summary.html to plot.csv )
>>> - create JCov plugin for Jenkins.
>>> The latest item and Maven plugin opens a little bit bigger discussion
>>> for Code Tools projects:
>>> Could we have tool's plugins sources in tool’s repository?
>>> Thank you.
>>> [1]
>>> —Alexey
>>>> On Feb 28, 2018, at 4:42 AM, Eric McCorkle <eric at
>>>> <mailto:eric at>> wrote:
>>>> Hello everyone,
>>>> I recently found myself needing better integration of jcov into various
>>>> build/testing tools, so I did two things.  First, I modified the jcov
>>>> tool to generate a report in the Cobertura XML format, which is used by
>>>> Jenkins and other tools as an input format.  While these reports are
>>>> inferior in my opinion to the HTML reports jcov generates, they do allow
>>>> integration with other tools and CI systems.  Therefore, I think
>>>> providing this functionality would likely encourage more people to use
>>>> jcov over the alternatives.
>>>> I've attached the patch for this modification here, if anyone would like
>>>> to review it.
>>>> I've also mostly wrangled the Maven plugin API to create a plugin for
>>>> using jcov in a Maven project (however, there is one remaining issue
>>>> with documentation generation that I need to correct before I call the
>>>> plugin "finished").  I'm not sure if that would be something that would
>>>> be added to codetools, if the group ID should be something like
>>>> "org.openjdk", or what else ought to be done about it.  I will gladly
>>>> contribute the code if there's a desire to adopt it.
>>>> <cobertura.diff>
> <cobertura.diff>

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