[?] Who is the official owner of the BTrace project and its HG repo?

Jaroslav Bachorík jaroslav.bachorik at datadoghq.com
Wed Oct 7 09:50:35 UTC 2020


I have been the sole maintainer of the BTrace project for the last
couple of years. For a number of reasons related to migration to and
from kenai.com and then the discontinuation of java.net the project
ended up on GitHub.

With the move of JDK development itself to GitHub I have been trying
to get the BTrace repo transferred under JDK as well. However, AFAIK
there is no way to bring an outside repo and it would need to be the
HG->Git repo transfer. Alas, the HG repo is empty because I don't have
rights to push there anything and no one else is actually working on
BTrace. Although, IMO it would be much easier just to transfer the
ownership in GitHub to 'openjdk' organization I am also willing to do
the git->hg->git round to get the code in if it is totally necessary.

As for the code ownership in the GitHub BTrace repo - 99% of
contributions are coming from me and I have signed OCA ages ago. Also,
I was accepting only PRs from people with signed OCA (and there were
~5 other persons actually contributing there within the last 10 years)
so it should also be covered.

Looking forward to seeing an answer.



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