problem building compiler with nb 6m10

Tom Ball Tom.Ball at Sun.COM
Fri Aug 3 10:31:12 PDT 2007

We don't actually need a current javac source, just a recent 
publicly-available one (public svn repository, source bundle, whatever). 
  We then apply a patch file to make the few changes we have (mostly 
access), but as a nice side-effect any changes Robert or Lubo pulled 
down get included in the patch, so we're then current.  It's not a 
permanent solution, but it beats the current system these guys are using 
of emailing jar files to each other from a source management perspective.

Generating and committing patch files is a pain, but there are a couple 
of advantages to this approach.  First, anyone inside or outside the 
team can regenerate the source base that our extended javac.jar used, 
enabling source debugging and profiling of that code.  Second, we 
fulfill our GPL obligation to make our changes publicly accessible. 
Third, we don't have to bother the javac team (Per, are you listening?) 
while they are working on a long-term solution.


Peter Ahé wrote:
> If you're going through svn as setup by release engineering, you will
> have to wait a long time.  Unfortunately, that is setup so it can take
> more than four weeks for a change to get through, see the discussion
> at the end of this:
> What you really need is patience while Jon fixes the real issue:
> direct access to a shared repository.  Unfortunately, the path is
> blocked with obstacles surprisingly neither of technical nor legal
> nature.
> Cheers,
> Peter
> On 8/3/07, Per Bothner <Per.Bothner at> wrote:
>> Jonathan Gibbons wrote:
>>> I am sorry for the inconvenience.  We have been focussing our limited
>>> efforts
>>> on a single new build system for the compiler and related tools that
>>> will be
>>> used by Sun's Release Engineering, and compiler developers, and any other
>>> people interested in working on the  compiler via Ant or NetBeans.
>>> This will replace the disparate build systems in use today by these
>>> different
>>> audiences.
>> I'm very much looking forward to it!
>> Until then, could Jesse's patch be checked in?
>> (I should have bugged you earlier about the issue - you probably
>> didn't realize that it really was an inconvenience for us.
>> Partly our fault for going down the wrong path, using snapshots
>> without svn.  Fixed now, I believe.)
>> --
>>         --Per Bothner
>> per.bothner at   per at

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