Kitchen-sink language problems on mac

Jonathan Gibbons Jonathan.Gibbons at Sun.COM
Sun Jun 17 17:01:19 PDT 2007


Answers below.

On Jun 17, 2007, at 1:30 PM, Christian Plesner Hansen wrote:

> That fix works for me as well.  In the meantime I've noticed some
> other problems.
> - Ksl doesn't pass all the jtreg tests on mac.  It fails a handful and
> has errors on another handful.

I'll investigate this. Since JDK does not run as such on a Mac, this has
not been a priority, but it is clear that it would be good if KSL could
be built and tested on a Mac.

> - You can't stop a jtreg build job in netbeans.  You can press the
> stop button and netbeans will report that is has been stopped, but it
> actually runs to completion in the background.

Hmm, I thought we fixed this. Obviously not.

> - If I specify a subset of the tests, for instance by changing the
> inlude clause in the ant script to
>    <include name="tools/javac/foobar/"/>
> and foobar doesn't contain any tests, it will run all the tests in
> tools/javac.  This may be intentional but I haven't been able to find
> it documented anywhere.

That sounds like a bug. Thank you for letting us know.

> -- Christian

-- Jon

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