Question on -Xlint:processing

Neal Gafter neal at
Thu Aug 21 23:41:44 PDT 2008

2008/8/20 Peng Li <lipeng at>

>   This is apparently an improvement over the old openjdk code because
> "-Xlint:junkfsdjlmcasl" will now be reported as an invalid option.

No, this is not an improvement.  Different Java compilers will detect
different sets of warnings, but all Java compilers should support options to
suppress all warnings, even those they don't know about.  That minimizes the
changes you'll need to the command line moving from one compiler (or one
version of a compiler) to another.  It is harmless to suppress a warning
that the compiler isn't going to give in any case.  The old behavior was
intentional: javac should accept *any* -Xlint:xyzzy option.

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