6502395: Is not a bug

Mark Wielaard mark at klomp.org
Sat Dec 13 12:52:15 PST 2008

On Sat, 2008-12-13 at 21:25 +0100, Dalibor Topic wrote:
> Martin Buchholz wrote:
> > On Fri, Dec 12, 2008 at 08:56, Jonathan Gibbons
> > <Jonathan.Gibbons at sun.com> wrote:
> > 
> >> Like you, I could not find public builds for JDK7 builds earlier than b36. I
> >> am sorry (and somewhat surprised) that they are not available.
> > 
> > I complained about this elsewhere.
> > Lack of hardware resources to hold the archives were cited.
> > 
> > I'd like to see every build remain available for download for at least 3 years.
> Did I hear someone volunteering to build & maintain a mirror? ;)

We do keep a mirror of the old GPL sources (which came from the svn
repository) in mercurial at http://icedtea.classpath.org/hg/openjdk if
anybody needs anything early (b13 till b23). Although the changes
between the bxx drops are somewhat big, you can do some simple
investigations against it through mercurial.

Also various GNU/Linux distros still have old GPL binary icedtea/openjdk
1.7 packages (and source code of course) around (although most are
tracking jdk6 these days). Here are old builds of the 1.7.0 tree (b18
till b24) for Fedora 8/9 for example:



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