implementation inconsistency with scope rules for Java generic types

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Thu Jun 19 04:57:19 PDT 2008

Maurizio Cimadamore a écrit :
> Hi Nick,
> this is definitively an interesting question; if your example might 
> look like a straight javac bug at first, it' less clear whether it 
> should be considered as such when Subclass and NestedSubclass live in 
> completely unrelated packages; I think that one in principle could 
> exploit an eventual vulnerability (as the one you described for 
> Eclipse) for acquiring access to members of a private type that 
> otherwise cannot be accessed.
> In this particular case however, since the class referencing the 
> private type is the class in which that type is defined, I don't think 
> that an error should be raised - so this is indeed a javac bug.
> Alex do you have any JLS paragraph handy to support this?
In section 6.6.1, the  next to last bullet  says:
"if the member or constructor is declared |private|, then access is 
permitted if and only if it occurs within the body of the top level 
class (§7.6) 
that encloses the declaration of the member or constructor"

If body means body like in the grammar;

/|     class|/ Identifier [/TypeParameters]/ [/|extends|/ Type] [/|implements|/ TypeList] ClassBody/

Annotations or extends/implements types are not in the body so javac is 
> Maurizio
> Nick Radov wrote:
>> I've run across an interesting inconsistency between javac and the 
>> Java compiler built in to the Eclipse 3.3.2 IDE. Try compiling this 
>> piece of code.
>> public class X<T> {
>> }
>> class Subclass extends X<Subclass.NestedSubclass> {
>> @SuppressWarnings("unchecked")
>> private final class NestedSubclass extends X {
>> }
>> }
>> The javac compiler reports one error because the generic type 
>> parameter of the Subclass class has private access, but Eclipse 
>> reports no errors. I had reported this as an Eclipse bug, but one of 
>> the Eclipse team thinks it may be a javac bug. You can see the 
>> Eclipse bug report here: 
>> <>.
>> Does anyone know for sure which is correct? As far as I can tell the 
>> JLS doesn't explicitly state whether this is allowed, although it may 
>> be implicit in the scope rules.
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