Bug in JLS specification for restriction on where a return statement is allowed.

Alex Buckley Alex.Buckley at Sun.COM
Fri Dec 4 17:00:08 PST 2009

Neal Gafter wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 4, 2009 at 3:39 PM, Alex Buckley <Alex.Buckley at sun.com 
> <mailto:Alex.Buckley at sun.com>> wrote:
>     Certainly. But not an *OpenJDK Project*, since OpenJDK is concerned
>     with Sun's implementation of the language specification (and
>     friends), not with the specification itself. Specification issues
>     can be raised via bugs.sun.com <http://bugs.sun.com>.
> I would be happy to initiate the creation of a mailing list, but perhaps 
> it would make more sense for you to do so.  Which would you prefer?

Feel free to create any mailing list on any infrastructure you have 
available. This is now 1000% off-topic for compiler-dev.


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