One small feature

Pavel Tavoda pavel.tavoda at
Wed Dec 9 02:06:35 PST 2009

I want one small feature for Java compiler. I want to add method to
java.lang.reflect.Method similar to Class[] getParameterTypes(), which
will return parameter names instead of classes which should look like
String[] getParameterNames(). It's very useful for reflective
invocation of methods because method parameter types isn't enough.
If it's too difficult to implement directly in Method class, it will
be nice just to add some auto generated annotation in compiler.
Methods like:
   getXxxDefinition(String name, String description)
will be transfered by compiler to:
   getXxxDefinition(@Name("name") String name, @Name("description")
String description)

I'm new here and never worked on javac source code. However I'm
skilled architect and coder (more than 10 years experience with Java).
What should I do to implement this feature?


Pavel Tavoda

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