FYI: JDK7 TL forest PIT freeze times through the end of 2009

Tim Bell Tim.Bell at Sun.COM
Thu Nov 19 14:28:24 PST 2009

Based on [1] (published earlier today), here are some key dates for
the next few weeks:

Promotion:        November 12 2009 for B76

TL PIT freeze:    November 16 2009 for B77 (10PM Pacific)
TL Integration:   November 20 2009 for B77
Promotion:        December  3 2009 for B77

TL PIT freeze:    December  7 2009 for B78 (10PM Pacific)
TL Integration:   December 11 2009 for B78
Promotion:        December 17 2009 for B78

---- 2010 ---- Happy New Year ----

TL PIT freeze:    January   4 2010 for B79 (10PM Pacific)
TL Integration:   January   8 2010 for B79
Promotion:        January  14 2010 for B79

Builds after 79 return to a weekly promotion schedule.  I
expect TL will stay on a two week cycle, which means we will
hit only the odd-numbered builds unless something happens to
the schedule:

TL PIT freeze:    January  18 2010 for B81 (10PM Pacific)
Promotion:        January  21 2010 for B80
TL Integration:   January  22 2010 for B81
Promotion:        January  28 2010 for B81

Feedback, questions, comments are welcome.


(standard disclaimers apply regarding these forward-looking statements)


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