project coin: byte and short integral literals

Bruce Chapman brucechapman at
Mon Apr 12 03:21:44 PDT 2010

I have a working implementation of byte and short integral literals in
my mercurial repository ready to export a change set (almost).

I have just filed an RFE for this so that I can have the bug number to
put in my jtreg tests, which is the last change I want to make before
exporting the change set. (I presume we are using the
database and not openJDK bugzilla system which seems to be empty)

I need three things to proceed:

1) A mentor to hold my hand and review and commit the changes.

2) Someone (see 1) to accept the rfe so I have a bug number ( no review
id yet)

3) One last question answered:

Do we want 3/4 separate boolean features in code.Source and
parser.Scanner for the coin integral literals stuff as at present
(Scanner in my repository currently has...

allowBinaryLiterals = source.allowBinaryLiterals();
allowUnderscoresInLiterals = source.allowBinaryLiterals();
allowShortLiterals = source.allowShortLiterals();
allowByteLiterals = source.allowByteLiterals();


or should I roll these all into one omnibus feature
"allowIntegralLiteralEnhancements" (possibly put "Coin" into the name)
or do what binary literals and underscores already do (see above) and
mix the meanings, 2 in source and 4 in scanner (heaven forbid :) ?


(merged updated integral literal omnibus proposal is next on my todo -
have some marked up edits to do then will post to coin mailing list in
next few days).



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