Mailing lists for specification of enhanced metadata in Java SE 8

Alex Buckley alex.buckley at
Wed Jul 18 12:31:13 PDT 2012

Oracle has previously submitted JEPs for features which enhance the 
metadata declared in, and available to, Java programs:

- Access to Parameter Names at Runtime (JEP 118)

- Repeating Annotations (JEP 120)

These features change the Java language, JVM, and java.* API as part of 
the Java SE 8 Platform Umbrella JSR (337) led by Oracle.

Work on specifications for Java SE JSRs may now take place in the 
OpenJDK Community, per the OpenJDK Terms of Use [1].

I would therefore like to invite the Compiler Group to sponsor mailing 
lists for discussion of the design and specification of these features:

1) enhanced-metadata-spec-experts, for discussion by invited experts.

2) enhanced-metadata-spec-observers, for observation and discussion of 
the -experts traffic by interested parties.

Contributions to both lists will be licensed under 
comment-and-evaluation terms. Anyone making material contributions to 
either list must sign the OCA. Please see the OpenJDK Terms of Use FAQ 
[2] for more information.

Feature implementation will be discussed on compiler-dev and hosted in 
the jdk8/tl forest.



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