javac doesn't work with jar files with >64k entries

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>  Hi Martin!,
> I believe I fixed this in jdk7 the changesets that you might find
> interesting are:
> We use javac's fast zip implementation first if it fails then we use the
> platforms Zip implementation, by using a flag you can control which one to
> use.
I tried to reproduce the bug with latest jdk7 (7u10-ea) and jdk8 (b62) and
it appears to still be there as well.

Fallback may indeed be working for ZIP64 input jars (I haven't tried it)
but it does *not* work for zip files with >64k entries, because javac's zip
implementation believes it has correctly read all the entries, when in fact
it has only read ENDTOT entries.

I haven't tried to create a minimal test (we have a non-minimal one), but
it should be easy to create an input zip with 64k bogus empty file entries
followed by some real class files at the end.


Hope this helps.
> Kumar
>  Hi compiler folk,
>  You don't like someone else's zip implementation, cuz it's too SLOOOW,
> so you write your own.  Now you have two problems.
>  ./share/classes/com/sun/tools/javac/file/
>    int entryCount = get2ByteLittleEndian(zipDir, 0);
>  The ZIP specification includes ENDTOT, a field that contains the number
> of entries in a zip file.
> Unfortunately, all high quality zip implementations ignore this field (or
> more accurately, treat it as a hint).
> Read zip_util.c and be enlightened:
>      /* Initialize zip file data structures based on the total number
>      * of central directory entries as stored in ENDTOT.  Since this
>      * is a 2-byte field, but we (and other zip implementations)
>      * support approx. 2**31 entries, we do not trust ENDTOT, but
>      * treat it only as a strong hint.  When we call ourselves
>  This needs fixing.  Since you are iterating through the CEN already,
> just stop when you hit the end header, whose location you know.
>  You can imagine the painful frustrating failure mode of javac starting
> to very mysteriously fail as the size of an input jar creeps over 64k
> entries.
>  jdk6 javac has the same problem, but disabling the "optimized" zip
> implementation requires different mechanisms.
>  The sources could be more readable.  Probably your source code is
> haunted by Phil Katz' ghost because you are using hex constants instead of
> 'P' and 'K' as Phil Katz intended.
>                          !(endbuf[i] == 0x50 &&
>                         endbuf[i + 1] == 0x4b &&
>  You get points for noticing that the input zip file is in ZIP64 format
>                      if (sz < 0 || get2ByteLittleEndian(zipDir, 0) ==
> 0xffff) {
>                         throw new ZipFormatException("detected a zip64
> archive");
>                     }
>  but the only proper reaction is to either add full ZIP64 support or
> fallback to the "unoptimized but actually working" implementation.
>  Martin
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