javac doesn't work with jar files with >64k entries

Martin Buchholz martinrb at
Wed Nov 14 16:46:52 PST 2012

This bug should just be fixed - I'm guessing it's 20 lines of code or so.

We can live with this bug because we can just turn off optimized zip in
javac, but it would be nice to have the optimzed version work correctly,
and I might be able to cook up a fix if no one else is going to volunteer
to work on it.  Let me know.


 as JimH would say "I think I hear my management calling....." :)
> The thorny compatibility issues are indeed hard (seriously, the risk and
> effort of a ZIP64 backport is too high and the value provided too low),
> .....  but for the issue of jdk7 javac not understanding jdk6-created jar
> files with >64k entries, I suggest "simply" fixing the code as I outlined
> and adapting T6836682 to a non-jtreg test (because it would need both a
> jdk6 and a jdk7 as inputs).
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