Problems with "-implicit:none"

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Thu Aug 8 17:43:03 PDT 2013


I have the following problem with

A background jvm, depending on user input from IDE, generates classes

This can take time, so to avoid the delay I use the flag "-implicit:none".
The IDE provides enough data I can infer if everything is in place and
stick to parse/build just the target class.  Because I don't write some
streams to disk there are a lot of cases where the *.class is in the
correct directory but the *.java does not exist.

Now the problem:

If the target class imports a type from another package/location the flag
works great. If the target class imports a class from the same location the
JavaCompiler completely ignores this flag and the fact that the *.class
exists and looks for the source file which doesn't exist and fails.

Question 1: is this the expected behavior of the compiler.

Question 2: would avoid importing type from the same package change the
behavior of the compiler in anyway?

I am running build 1.7.0_25-b15 on a mac

Thanks a lot in advance!!!

José Cornado



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