Duplicate compilation attempt when code is too large

Alex Meiburg timeroot.alex at gmail.com
Sun Aug 3 16:52:08 UTC 2014


This is my first time posting to this list, and I'm not sure of the right
protocol -- I've got the following patch to submit. When jsr/ret were in
use, if a method ran over the 64k code limit, it would try compilation
again with more aggressive space optimization. Since jsr/ret aren't used
any more, this just means that it takes twice as long to report the error
to the user.

There's also some (unused) code in dump() that was printing to sysout where
it should have been printing to syserr.

I have the patch attached, how/where do I submit it? Please excuse my
ignorance, I couldn't find the answer. Thanks!

-- Alexander Meiburg
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