Review Request - 2 : JDK-8031670: remove unneeded -source option from javadoc tests

Neil Toda neil.toda at
Thu Feb 27 08:13:10 PST 2014

This is a Review Request resubmission with reviewer-based changes.

Original Description:

    A small set of javadoc tests contain the -source parameter.  In most
    cases, the parameter is
    not required for the test.  In several cases, the -source parameter
    is being explicitly tested,
    but relies on a JDK version that will be removed from JDK9.

    This changeset removes unnecessary -source specification when not
    needed, or changes the
    test/source-version requested to one that will work in JDK9

The revised changeset-webrev can be found here:

Changes from first submittal:

   * in ./test/com/sun/javadoc/testLambdaFeature/
     * correct spelling error : amy -> may
     * remove comment on test from jtreg tag block
   * to validate -source option operation
     * reinstate ./sourceOption test
     * in ./test/tools/javadoc/sourceOption/
       * changed to a negative test to make sure javac lambda construct 
is not in 1.7
       * add information about updating test periodically
       * add a fixVersion bug [ set to 1.10 for current targeted feature ]
     * added ./test/tools/javadoc/sourceOption/p/
       * valid for 1.8, but not for 1.7. "-source 1.7" is checked with 
this code.
     * added ./test/tools/javadoc/sourceOption2/
       * This test is a positive test to make sure that the lambda 
construct provided for ./sourceOption is valid for 8.
       * This test is actually examining 



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