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Tue Mar 25 22:02:19 UTC 2014

On 03/25/2014 02:04 PM, Liam Miller-Cushon wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm curious if there's any interest in reducing javac's dependence on 
> the specific JDK version it's running on. Currently javac8 works with 
> jdk7 only if it's on the jvm's bootclasspath, because of some changes 
> to the javax classes that are also in rt.jar. (Specifically: the 
> addition of StandardLocation.NATIVE_HEADER_OUTPUT and 
> SourceVersion.RELEASE_8.)
> Being able to run javacN on at least jdkN-1 would be convenient when 
> working with code that invokes javac programmatically, since 
> configuring the bootclasspath complicates deployment.
> Any thoughts on whether this would be worthwhile?
> Thanks,
> Liam


Because of the way we bootstrap the JDK build, it is a requirement that 
javac N must be able to run on JRE N-1.

I can't quite untangle your second sentence (beginning "Currently...) so 
it would help if you could explain your perceived issues a bit more.

Your issues about configuring the bootclasspath may hint at your 
issues.   Any time you want to compile against a different version of 
the libraries other than those native to the underlying JVM, you have to 
set the bootclasspath, at least for now.   There are ideas about a new 
-platform option which would supercede -source, -target and 
-bootclasspath. But that would only allow you to compile for earlier 
versions (i.e. just like the -source and -target options today).

But I suspect you are wanting to compile for future versions. e.g. you 
are suggesting that it should be possible to run a variant of javac 8 on 
JDK 7, such that the variant has bound within it a copy of the JRE 8 
libraries that are normally found on the JRE 8 bootclasspath.  
Technically, that could certainly be done; I'm not sure it is generally 
worthwhile, though.  If the only issue is that "configuring the 
bootclasspath complicates deployment" then the solution should be as 
simple as a modified bundle, with the extra libraries added, and a 
wrapper script for javac that sets the bootclasspath for you, before 
calling the desired version of javac.

-- Jon

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