Public review for 8040327: Eliminate AnnotatedType

Eric McCorkle eric.mccorkle at
Wed May 7 23:08:03 UTC 2014


This is the first of a series of patches which implement a significant
overhaul of type annotations code in the javac frontend.  This patch
eliminates the AnnotatedType class, replacing its functionality by
storing annotations on the Type class itself.

This will eventually be rolled into a more general type metadata
framework that has been planned as part of ongoing work.

Note that this patch is also being reviewed by the langtools team using
the Crucible tool.

The webrev can be found here:

The following patches are also under initial review, and will be posted

1) A patch which replaces much of the functionality in with code integrated directly into the MemberEnter
and Attr phases.  The end result is that Attribute.TypeCompound objects
will now contain the correct position from the moment they are created,
and the position field will be final.  This patch is known colloquially
as the "positions patch", though its scope has grown considerably beyond

2) A follow-up patch which removes code dead code that was replaced by
the positions patch, and removes some code duplication that was
introduced by that patch.
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