interactions between type annotations and language model APIs.

Alex Buckley alex.buckley at
Thu May 8 22:55:06 UTC 2014

On 5/5/2014 1:48 PM, Alex Buckley wrote:
> To be specific, the "generator" methods in jx.l.m.u.Types are these ten:
> asMemberOf
> boxedClass
> capture
> directSupertypes
> erasure
> getArrayType
> getDeclaredType x2
> getWildcardType
> unboxedType

boxedClass(PrimitiveType) returns a TypeElement, i.e., a declaration, so 
any type annotations on the PrimitiveType mirror are irrelevant. So 
we're down to nine methods.

Eric, you indicated that you're already preserving type annotations 
"everywhere they ought to be". For each of the nine Types methods that 
generate a TypeMirror, can you sketch (one line) what the preservation 
involves? If the answer is often "it's obvious", then I'll write the 
obvious thing for the API spec.


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