Public review of rearchitected front-end type annotations pipeline

Eric McCorkle eric.mccorkle at
Thu May 15 16:40:48 UTC 2014

I have integrated a number of edits to the patch, from both the public
and internal reviews, and I have fixed a few issues I found.  A new
version has been posted here:

It is likely that this change will be integrated later today, or
tomorrow.  At that point, I will post the third and final patch in the

On 05/09/14 15:49, Eric McCorkle wrote:
> Hello,
> This is the public review of the second in my series of patches dealing
> with type annotations.
> This patch rearchitects the type annotations pipeline, integrating
> handling of type annotations directly into the javac
> MemberEnter/Annotate/Attr pipeline.  It represents the majority of the
> work I have been doing regarding type annotations for 8u20.
> The handling of type annotations is now dispatched by the MemberEnter or
> Attr visitors and uses information from those visitors.  Most of the
> actual functionality is now implemented in Annotate.
> The new test is the test for this patch. will
> cause 8-release javac to fail with an assertion failure.  Its addition
> to the test suite demonstrates that this change fixes those cases.
> This patch addresses a number of JBS issues:
> and possibly others as well.
> Note: this patch does not attempt to remove code made obsolete; however,
> any such code is very clearly marked as deprecated.  Removal of dead
> code will be done in the last of the series.  This patch also does not
> attempt to re-enable tests which were previously disabled.  That will be
> done as a separate patch as well.
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