CFV: New jdk9 Committer- Paul Govereau

Eric McCorkle eric.mccorkle at
Fri May 16 11:53:36 UTC 2014

I hereby nominate Paul Govereau for jdk9 committer

Paul joined the langtools team at Oracle in December of 2013, and has
contributed a number of patches to both the jdk9 and 8u langtools

The following is a list of his contributions to jdk9:

8033437: javac, inconsistent generic types behaviour when compiling
together vs. separate
8030046: javac incorrectly handles absolute paths in manifest classpath
8039026: Definitely unassigned field can be accessed
8041521: JDK-8034245 breaks a bootcycle build
8034245: Refactor TopLevel tree node.
8038023: Compiler crash ClassCastException
8015499: javac, Gen is generating extra checkcast instructions in some
corner cases
8023945: javac wrongly allows a subclass of an anonymous class
8034933: Update documentation for Types.directSupertypes to clarify behavior
8025505: Constant folding deficiency
8036007: javac crashes when encountering an unresolvable interface
8035972: missing test file for 8034048
6533516: Warning needed for file with future time stamps
8034048: javac crash with method references plus lambda plus var args
8030726: tools/javac/ fails due to enforcement no
use of String.toLowerCase on non-langtools classes
8030642: Add golden files to javac/limits

Votes are due by May 30, 2014.

Only current jdk9 Committers [1] are eligible to vote on this nomination.

For Lazy Consensus voting instructions, see [2].

Eric McCorkle


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